Points System

I-55 Raceway's Point Standings are calculated using the following system:

Heat Races:
1st: 4 Points
2nd: 3 Points
3rd: 2 Points
4th: 1 Point

Semi Features:
1st Non Transferring Car: 4 Points
2nd Non Transferring Car: 3 Points
3rd Non Transferring Car: 2 Points
4th Non Transferring Car: 1 Point 

1st: 60 Points
2nd: 53 Points
3rd: 48 Points
4th: 43 Points
5th: 40 Points
6th: 35 Points
7th: 32 Points
8th: 29 Points
9th: 26 Points
10th: 23 Points
11th - Last: 18 Points 


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