A.A.R.A. General Rules

Allied Auto Racing Association
3929 Summertime Drive
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2007 A.A.R.A. General Rules of Conduct, Safety & Track Procedures

Every effort is made to ensure these rules are accurate. Please use the Allied Official Rule Book when building your car. It is available by calling Ralph Joseph (618)281-6142 or Don Hoener at (636)928-1716.

All participants are covered by Secondary/Excess Hospitalization Insurance, which is provided by the individual racetracks. In the event you become injured at any of our tracks, it is your responsibility to see that the Association Treasure is notified. You MUST complete a claim form before any medical bills will be paid.

Continuous development in racing may necessitate changes that we cannot forsee at the time the rules are written. Hence, we may update, modifiy, add to or delete rules.

It is your responsibility to read and understand the rules and procedures. Ignorance of such will not be an excuse. We have tried to cover all aspects of what is expected from all of us. If after reading this, you discover something that we have omitted, please bring it to our attention for discussion.

It is the duty of every driver to inspect the racing surface and race track grounds to learn of any defects, obstructions or anything which, in his/her opinion, is unsafe. Further, all drivers entering any events are considered to have inspected the area and satisfied themselves as to the conditions. If not, THEY SHOULD NOT RACE. This further indicates that with full awareness and knowledge, that auto racing involves certain risks.

All cars MUST have the number in the upper right hand corner of the windshield opening. Minimum 6" high white numbers on black background. A.A.R.A. reserves the right to check anything at any time.

All fines or protest monies must be paid in cash, no coins.


  1. No drinking of alcoholic beverages by anyone entitled to enter the pit area before or during the race meet. STRICTLY ENFORCED.
  2. Anyone entitled to enter the pit area who, at any time or place, shall strike or cause bodily harm to anyone during the race date or on track property, will be assessed as follows: First offense-$200 fine - one half of which is refundable at the end of the racing season, if there are no further incidents - plus a suspension for the next race date at the track where the incident occurred. The penalty for a second offense shall be double the first with nothing refundable plus suspension from all A.A.R.A. tracks for two race dates at every track. The penalty for a third offense is indefinite suspension. There shall be the right to appeal to the board of directors. All appeals must be presented in writing to an A.A.R.A. Board member within 24 hours of notification of penalty or faxed to 636-939-9031, within the same time frame. Suspension will be served at the next A.A.R.A. race date where the incident occurred.
  3. Obscene gestures or causing a disturbance may be a minimum fine of $100 for each occurance subject to official's discretion.
  4. The penalty for striking an official shall be an indefinite suspension to all A.A.R.A. tracks.
  5. If at any time your manner of dress, appearance or conduct are deemed by the Association to be not in the best interest of racing, you may be ejected from the premises.
  6. Any fighting in the pit area or on the track may subject the offender and associated car to suspension. DRIVER AND OWNER ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR THE CONDUCT OF THE PIT CREW.
  7. No drivers, owners or crew members allowed in the scoring tower without Official permission.
  8. No driver, pitman or owner may deliberately interfere with any car on the track or in the pit area. Penalty shall be meeting A.A.R.A. board prior to further competition.
  9. Driver may not exit the car on the track to discuss a situation with anyone. Violation of this rule WILL result in disqualification for the remaining events and a suspension may be assessed if deemed appropriate by the officials.
  10. Every person allowed to enter the pit area will be issued a "Pit Pass" upon showing proof of age. Photo ID only will be accepted. Pit pass MUST be clearly visible  at all times. Anyone found giving or loaning his/her pit pass to allow someone entry who is otherwise not entitled, will be fined $25.00 and ejected from the pit area.


  1. ILLEGAL DRUGS are those substances defined and prohibited by State and / or Federal Law.

  2. GENERAL PROHIBITION: Possession or use of illegal drugs or drug substances, as defined above, is prohibited in any form, by any participant at A.A.R.A. events, either on the Speedway, or in any area considered to be used in the operation of the Speedway, such as parking lots or leased properties.

  3. PARTICIPANT is any person taking part in any event sanctioned by A.A.R.A. in any form, including but not restricted to drivers, car owners, mechanics, crew members, sponsors, track officials or pit area observers. All such persons shall be considered public figures who have, by their own choice, become involved in auto racing events sanctioned by A.A.R.A. with the full understanding that he/she MUST abide by the rules and regulations estrablished and published or announced by A.A.R.A. ALL PARTICIPANTS WILL BE CONSIDERED RESPONSIBLE FOR THEIR PERSONAL CONDUCT.

  4. VIOLATIONS & PENALTIES: Any person found to be in possession of or under the influence of an illegal drug or drug substance on any Speedway property, as defined above OR any person who is arrested by duly constituted authorities and charged with possession and/or use of drug substances OR any person who is formally charged by a court of law with illegal drug violations, SHALL BE SUBJECT TO THE FOLLOWING PENALTIES BY THE ASSOCIATION:

    1. Suspension from competition and ejection from the Speedway property, and denial of future entry to any events for a period to be determined by A.A.R.A. Board of Directors.
    2. Any participant who is formally charged by a court of law with an illegal drug violation, upon notification to A.A.R.A. Board of Directors by that agency, shall be suspended from all forms of participation at any and all events until such time as the charges are fully adjudicated through the legal process. Any participant convicted of a formal drug charge by such process of law, will, from the date of conviction, be prohibited from taking part in any A.A.R.A. events for a minimum period to be determined by the board of directors.
  5. APPEAL & HEARING: Any participant suspended for violation of these rules, may be granted an appeal hearing by the Board of Directors, provided the suspended participant requests such a hearing, in writing, within 14 calendar days of the date of suspension.

  6. REINSTATEMENT: A participant suspended for violation of these rules, EXCEPT IN THE CASE OF PERSONS CHARGED WITH SELLING DRUGS, may, as a result of a decision reached through the hearing process detailed above, be reinstated, if it is mutually agreed that the participant, at his/her own expense, will produce documentation from a physician licensed within the state, certifying that he/she is drug independent, as a result of random and periodic examination and urinalysis testing, made at the request of A.A.R.A. Board of Directors.

  7. PRESCRIBED DRUGS: If a participant is using prescription drugs on the advice of a licensed physician, such use MUST be reported to Safety / Protest Official prior to the participant's entry into any Speedway activities. Failure to so notify, will subject the participant to penalties as described above.

RAIN-OUTS: In the event of a rain out, your "Pit Pass" will be your rain check for entry to the pit area for the following week only at that track. IF YOU DO NOT HAVE YOUR PASS, YOU MUST PAY AGAIN. If rain occurs during the features, cars will be paid according to the policy of the individual race track.

A.A.R.A. reserves the right to check anything on any car at any time. All cars MUST meet requirements at all times.

All cars MUST have a starter and battery capable of turning the motor sufficient to P. & G., or you MUST pull the heads for a cubic inch check.

If any car is found to be illegal and is assessed a fine, the fine MUST be paid before the car, driver or owner will be allowed to participate in any A.A.R.A. events, regardless of the current owner of the car. The person registering as the owner will be considered such until notified, in writing, to the Association.

PROTESTING: Cars running in restricted class should be fully prepared to remove a cylinder head at any time. Bring the necessary parts and personnel to re-install.

  1. All cars MUST pass technical inspection. You MUST be a participating driver or registered owner of a car participating in the race program that night to submit a protest.
  2. You have thirty (30) minutes after the results of any race is posted to protest the finish of that race. After thirty (30) minutes has elapsed, no protesting of the finish will be allowed. IT IS YOUR RESPONSIBILITY TO CHECK THE FINISH TO SEE THAT YOU ARE SATISFIED. If it is determined that an error was made in scoring, the points and money will be adjusted accordingly.
  3. Cost to check bore and stroke and c.c. head is $100.00. To remove the oil pan and check anything in the motor is $250.00. A minimum of $10.00 cost for a protest is required for a visual inspection. Any protest for legality MUST be made within 15 minutes after their respective feature is completed. ALL protests MUST be specific and in writing as to what is to be checked.
  4. Cars protested will be torn down at a cost designated by the protest man. This cash money will be turned over to, and held by, the protest man until a determination as to legality is made. If the car is found to be illegal, the money will be refunded. If the car is found to be legal, the protested car will receive the money. During the tear-down ONLY the protest man, two (2) men from the protested car, the protester, and designated Officials will be permitted in the impound area.
  5. Illegal parts may be confiscated by the association.

         PENALTY: Illegal cars will forfeit monies won and will be assessed a fine as follows: First violation = $50.00 fine; Second violation = $100.00 fine; and the Third violation will result in suspension from our tracks for the balance of the season. The driver may also lose his/her points. All fines will be carried over to the next season if not paid.

If a car is found to be light after weighing at the conclusion of that race, or refuse to weight, the driver will lose all points and money FOR THAT RACE ONLY. Fine for added weight falling off is $25.00.


  1. Driving through the pit area by race cars, ATV's, tow rigs, tow trucks and push vehicles MUST be slow and cautious. STRICTLY ENFORCED.
  2. Any car without full steering control of both front wheels may be black flagged from the race.
  3. If a car MUST be pushed twice in the same race, it will be disqualified from that race.
  4. Any car with a flat tire, except the left front, will be black flagged from the race except on the last lap. You may not restart or rejoin a race with a flat tire, except on the left front.
  5. All races in all classes will have a maximum 30 minute time limit.
  6. Drivers are expected to be ready to compete in every event they are assigned. If you think you may not be ready for your race, please notify one of the Officials.
  7. One person from your pit crew MUST remain with the car at all times during the race meet.
  8. No cars or tow rigs may cross the track at any time without the Official's permission.
  9. No one will be permitted to back out onto the racing surface while the green flag is displayed or while cars are about to receive the green flag to start or restart a race. STRICTLY ENFORCED. VIOLATORS WILL NOT BE PERMITTED TO FINISH THE RACE.
  10. Signaling to drivers MUST be done from the pit area, away from the track. NO RADIOS.
  11. All drivers MUST wear a fire suit. When running in the track or racing, you MUST wear a helmet. (Snell 90 recommended).
  12. All cars will be required to run in the track when necessary. It's your track, make it as smooth to race on as possible.
  13. All cars MUST have the five (5) point, quick release, seat belt system, seat belt, shoulder harness, and crotch strap. Minimum 3" wide belts MUST be used. Seat belts and driver seat MUST be secured to the frame or roll cage and MUST be approved. We recommend that seat belt and shoulder harness be replaced every 2 years for safety reasons.
  14. No one may approach any official during the running of a race.


  1. The number of cars and laps in a race, and the number of races will be determined by the number of cars present in each class. All race starting positions shall be determined as per individual track / Association rules.
  2. ALTERNATES: When a car scheduled to run the feature is disabled, an alternate will be called. All cars in the row (front to back) from behind the spot in which the disabled car was to start, will move up and the alternate will be placed on the rear of the field. Once the alternate has been called, disabled cars cannot run until the alternate list expires. Alternates must remain at their cars, ready to race.
  3. Special events will be run as designated by the Association and promoter(s) when necessary.
  4. In the event of a turn over, accident in which the track is blocked, or ambulance crews on the track, the red flag will be displayed and the race temporarily halted.
  5. A lap is considered complete when two-thirds(2/3) of the cars cross the finish line under the green. If the race is stopped on the first lap before two-thirds(2/3) of the cars have crossed the finish, it is a complete restart. In the dash, all cars MUST complete the first lap or it is a complete restart. All cars involved in the stopping of the race, will be put to the rear on a single file restart. All other cars will be lined up in the order they last crossed the finish line, not necessarily in their actual position in the race. OFFICIALS DECISION IN STOPPING A RACE AND REALIGNING THE CARS WILL BE FINAL! On a red flag stop, you have three (3) minutes to have your car in position to be re-aligned, or an alternate will be called.
  7. Anyone who causes two (2) unassisted yellow flags in a race, will be removed from that race. Anyone who intentionally causes a yellow flag, that enters the pits under its own power and then returns to the race, will be automatically scored one lap down.
  8. On the restart, any car jumping ahead before the green flag is shown, will be penalized one (1) spot for each spot gained. STRICTLY ENFORCED.
  9. All cars MUST be staged for all races except for features. For races being staged you have three (3) minutes to get your car to the staging area starting at the time the green flag is displayed at the start of the proceeding race.

Points will be awarded in the following manner:

Thirty (30) points will be awarded to every driver participating or attempting to participate in the program.

Race points awarded as follows:





NOTE: Semi-Feature points will only be awarded to those cars NOT qualifying for the feature.


11 thru 18

To participate in the point fund a driver MUST:

Obtain annual membership in A.A.R.A. by date determined by the Association. Participate in 75% of race dates at the individual track.

To receive point fund monies you or your representative MUST attend the banquet.

The following rules and/or regulations set forth herein are designed to provide for the orderly condcut of an ALLIED AUTO RACING ASSOCIATION event and to establish minimum acceptable requirements for such events. These rules shall govern the condition of all events, and, by participating in these events, all participants are deemed to have complied with these rules. No express or implied warranty of safety shall result from publications or compliance with these rules and / or regulations. They are intended as a guide for the conduct of the sport and are in no way a guarantee against injury or death to participant, spectator or official.

ALLIED AUTO RACING ASSOCIATION Officials shall be empowered to permit minor deviation from any of the specifications herein or impose any further restrictions that in its opinion do not alter the minimum acceptable requirements. NO EXPRESS OR IMPLIED WARRANTY OF SAFETY SHALL FROM SUCH ALTERATION OF SPECIFICATIONS. Any interpretation or deviation of these rules is left to the discretion of the officials. Their decisions are final. Continuous developments in racing may necessitate changes that we cannot anticipate at the time the rules are written. Hence we may update, modify and add to or delete rules.


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