Mark Miner takes UMP Modified win at I-55 Raceway!

Mark Miner


Pevely, MO (April 17th, 2010) With the World of Outlaw Sprint Cars on hand, the UMP DIRTcar Modifieds were the only other division competing and a solid field of twenty-seven cars were on hand to battle for the $1,000 top prize.

Rusty Griffaw took the first heat race win with a late race pass on Bobby Bittle. Mark Miner would pace the field the entire distance to earn the second heat race win over his son Conrad Miner. Ray Walsh would take the third heat over Tim Hancock. Rusty Griffaw dominated the dash as he won by nearly a full straight-away over Mark Miner.

The main event would have Griffaw and Miner starting on the front row. Miner took the lead at the drop of the green flag with Griffaw providing constant pressure for the first several laps. The caution would wave on lap seven after contact between Ken Schrader and Tim Hancock in which Hancock got into the outside wall in turn two and would roll to a stop on the backstretch. During the caution, Hancock would run into the right rear of Schrader's car. This would send Schrader to the pit area with damage and also resulted in Hancock being disqualified.

On the restart, Ray Walsh would move past Doug Wood and into the third spot and began challenging Griffaw for the second spot. Walsh would finally make the pass on Griffaw and take over the second spot a lap later and he would then start challenging Miner for the top spot. The caution would wave again on lap eleven as Griffaw and Wood would get together in turn four and come to a stop. That moved Ricky Horton into the third spot. Meanwhile on the restart, Walsh continued to be all over the rear bumper of Miner as the two fought side by side and nose to tail for the top spot. Miner wouldn't fold to the pressure and would hold off Walsh for the top spot. Walsh would cross the line second. Ricky Horton would cross the line in third, however he would come up light at the scales which would results in a disqualification. That moved Conrad Miner into a third place finish. Bobby Bittle would take the fourth spot with Jeff LeBaube rounding out the top five. Griffaw would charge back to a sixth place finish after his earlier incident. Brad Crosby, Tommie Seets, Jr., Jim Black and Brad Thurston would round out the top ten.

April 17th, 2010
UMP DIRTcar Modifieds - 27 Entries
Heat 1
1. 16 Rusty Griffaw
2. 89 Bobby Bittle
3. 9w Doug Wood
4. 76 Eric Goetter
5. 87z Zeb Moake
6. 62k Leo Keifer
7. 7z Matt Zimmerly
8. 2 Robby Helms
DNS. 5w Ralph Wiltrout

Heat 2
1. 7 Mark Miner
2. 36 Conrad Miner
3. 10x Jim Black
4. 0c Brad Crosby
5. 9s Ken Schrader
6. 17 Brad Thurston
7. 24 Dennis Hornbostel
8. 29 Chris Spaulding
9. 31p Mitch Parmeley

Heat 3
1. 1w Ray Walsh
2. 0 Tim Hancock
3. 31 Ricky Horton
4. 29 Jeff LeBaube
5. 66 Gary Haynes
6. 1s Tommie Seets, Jr.
7. 32 Donovan Lodge
8. 70 Josh Russell
9. 12s Mike Stuckey

1. 16 Rusty Griffaw
2. 7 Mark Miner
3. 1w Ray Walsh
4. 9w Doug Wood
5. 31 Ricky Horton
6. 36 Conrad Miner

1. 7 Mark Miner
2. 1w Ray Walsh
3. 36 Conrad Miner
4. 89 Bobby Bittle
5. 29 Jeff LeBaube
6. 16 Rusty Griffaw
7. 0c Brad Crosby
8. 1s Tommie Seets, Jr.
9. 10x Jim Black
10. 17 Brad Thurston
11. 62k Leo Keifer
12. 7z Matt Zimmerly
13. 24 Dennis Hornbostel
14. 70 Josh Russell
15. 12s Mike Stuckey
16. 9w Doug Wood
17. 2 Robby Helms
18. 32 Donovan Lodge
19. 87 Zeb Moake
20. 31p Mitch Parmeley
21. 9s Ken Schrader
22. 76 Eric Goetter
23. 5w Ralph Wiltrout
DQ. 31 Ricky Horton - Light
DQ. 0 Tim Hancock - Rough Driving
DNS. 29 Chris Spaulding
DNS. 66 Gary Haynes


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