July 22, 2000 Results

Haudenschild Spins and Wins Wild Sprint Feature

Pevely, Mo. (July 22) -- Jac Haudenschild bounced off the front straightaway wall, spun completely around but kept going to take the lead and win his second Pennzoil World of Outlaws sprint car feature at I-55 Raceway. Haudenschild took the lead from Sammy Swindell with six laps remaining in the feature to bring a standing-room-only crowd, one of the largest in track history, to its feet.

Mark Kinser turned the fast lap in qualifying at 10.768 seconds. The spotlight then switched to Donny Schatz, who won his heat and the dash. Also winning sprint car heats were Danny Wood, Stevie Smith and Sammy Swindell, the all-time track record holder at I-55.

Schatz took the lead at the start of the feature, which was red-flagged on the second lap for a crash that involved Dale Blaney. Blaney, who won last weekend's $50,000 Kings Royal race at Eldora, Ohio, was knocked out of the race.

Schatz continued leading when the race was restarted but eventually gave way to Swindell, a three-time winner at I-55. But Swindell's tires appeared to give up in the late stages of the race. After Haudenschild's spin on the front straight, he took the lead and survived a late-race dual with Steve Kinser and Mark Kinser, who finished close by in second and third.

John Seets Sr. conquered a 51-car UMP Modified field, winning his heat and the feature. Seets led all 20 laps of his feature but was hounded by Bobby Bittle all the way. The battle for third place was also contested hotly. At the finish Dean Hoffman took third and Jim Shereck and Scott Weber rounded out the top five.

The large field of modifieds, the largest ever entered at the track, required six heat races which were won by Seets, Weber, Bittle, Keith Grider, Tom Ratajczyk and Casey Pearson. Rusty Griffaw and Ray Wagner won the modified semi-features.

The track posted a sign advising late-arriving fans that all seating at the track was taken. Co-promoter Ray Marler promised during the evening that additional seating will be built before the Outlaws return in 2001.

  1. 360 John Seets
  2. 71 Jay Hughes
  3. 4 Kevin Gundaker
  4. 99 Brian Wolfmeier


  1. 4J Scott Weber
  2. 1D Dean Hoffman
  3. 18T Brent Thompson
  4. 187 Duane Whiteman


  1. 7G Keith Grider
  2. 24 Darin Walker
  3. 68 Andy Anderson
  4. 16 Rusty Griffaw


  1. 89 Bobby Bittle
  2. 17 Jim Shereck
  3. 28K Jason Keith
  4. 6W Ray Wagner


  1. 12 Tom Ratajczyk
  2. 5 Jason Stewart
  3. 4M Brent Mullins
  4. 29C John Campbell


  1. 377 Casey Pearson
  2. 14 Leroy Haney
  3. 28W Chris Woods
  4. 19C Vic Catalano

SEMI #1:

  1. 16 Rusty Griffaw
  2. 99 Brian Wolfmeier
  3. 81 Mike Barbeau
  4. 444 Matt Simpson
  5. 45M Eric Mabery
  6. 187 Duane Whiteman
  7. T93 Clark Roach
  8. 29L Jeff LeBaube
  9. 21H Dave Henry
  10. 07 Paul Rice
  11. 6 D.J. Hickman
  12. 10 Rusty Meyer
  13. X1 Dave Sandage
  14. 45F Eric Franklin
  15. 59 Rich Whaley
  16. 88 Joe Puricelli
  17. 15 Jeffrey Masson II

SEMI #2:

  1. 6W Ray Wagner
  2. 1W Ray Walsh
  3. 19C Vic Catalano
  4. 28W Chris Woods
  5. 11S Kyle Steffens
  6. 8 Kirk Murphy
  7. 36 Danny Green
  8. 64 Jim Smith
  9. 7Z Matt Zimmerly
  10. 29C John Campbell
  11. 314 Jeff Masson
  12. 70 Ken Peters
  13. 34 Kevin Gegg
  14. 67 John Seets, Jr.


  1. 360 John Seets
  2. 89 Bobby Bittle
  3. 1D Dean Hoffman
  4. 17 Jim Shereck
  5. 4J Scott Weber
  6. 377 Casey Pearson
  7. 14 Leroy Haney
  8. 7G Keith Grider
  9. 71 Jay Hughes
  10. 12 Tom Ratajczyk
  11. 18T Brent Thompson
  12. 4M Brent Mullins
  13. 24 Darin Walker
  14. 16 Rusty Griffaw
  15. 99 Brian Wolfmeier
  16. 1W Ray Walsh
  17. 28K Jason Keith
  18. 5 Jason Stewart
  19. 81 Mike Barbeau
  20. 19C Vic Catalano
  21. 4G Kevin Gundaker
  22. 6W Ray Wagner
  23. 68 Andy Anderson
  24. 18R Shawn Rayfield

Other Cars Present:

3S Dan Schlup

C4 Chris Soutiea


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