Pro 4 Stock Rules

Allied Auto Racing Association

2008 Pro 4 Stock

This is a low budget CLAIMER CLASS. We will be racing for bragging rights and Trophies only. NO MONEY!

The Claim Rules Will Be As Follows
  1. $500.00 and exchange of a running feature finishing car.
  2. $600.00 outright made by any racer or spectator.
  3. Officials must approve all claims.
  4. Officials may claim any car at any time.
  5. Claim must be made in cash to Protest Man within 15 minutes of final feature race.
  6. No one can make more than one claim per season.
  7. Claimed car may not be claimed again for 2 complete race nights.
  8. Refusal of claim will result in a suspension of car and driver for 4 race nights.
  9. Car is claimed less seat, seat belts, window net and fuel cell.

Rules & Regulations
  1. Any car or truck with a single cam 4 cylinder engine may be run. Must be completely stock as manufactured, engine, drive train, suspension and fuel system, except as noted below. No Turbos. No Rear or Mid Engine Vehicles.
  2. All glass, mirrors, body molding and trim must be removed. All insulation and any other combustible material must be removed. Steering and pedals must remain stock. Dash may be modified for roll cage clearance.
  3. A box type 6 point roll cage of 1 1/2" X .095 wall minimum steel tubing is required. Roll cage legs must be welded to 1/8" plates, 4" X 8" minimum size. Truck frames may use a 2" X 3" tubing to construct a perimeter frame to attach roll cage and door bars. Doors on both sides must have 3 bars, 1 1/2" X .095 minimum. Passenger side may be an "X" but must have 3 bars. The roll cage must be a box over, behind and in front of driver. The hoop behind the driver must have a diagonal brace. Roof loop must have a center bar. Extra bracing inside the cockpit is allowed.
  4. Doors must be welded or chained shut. Windshield must be replaced with heavy gauge wire mesh. 3 bars of 3/8" diameter must be welded to the roll cage in front of driver.
  5. Strut towers may be reinforced. Right front hubs may be reinforced. Wheel centers may be reinforced. Larger wheel studs and nuts are recommended.
  6. Passenger car tires only, no low profile tires. Minimum inflation for all tires shall be the maximum as determined by the manufacturer and stated on the tire. If tire has no stated maximum, it may NOT be run.
  7. Fuel cell in steel can, or steel tank may be securely mounted in trunk. It must have a firewall between the tank and driver. Must meet the safety mans approval.
  8. Battery must be securely fastened down, if in cockpit it must be completely enclosed. Must run battery master disconnect switch within reach of driver. Third brake light must remain operable.
  9. Racing seat mandatory. A quick release 5 point racing type seat belt is required. Seat and seat belts must mount to frame or roll cage, and meet safety mans approval.
  10. All cars must have a window net. Must wear approved helmet and fire suit.
  11. Must have registered number 18" tall in contrasting colors on both doors and on roof facing driver's side. Drivers full name MUST appear on both sides of the roof, above the doors. A 6" white number on black background MUST be mounted in the upper right hand corner of the windshield opening. No profanity or suggestive slogans may appear on the car.
  12. Continuous developments in racing may necessitate changes that we cannot foresee at the time the rules are written. Hence, we may update, modify, add to or delete rules.
  13. All drivers must apply to A.A.R.A. Treasurer for number assignments. All drivers must be a member of A.A.R.A. and be 16 years of age to race. All Drivers should become familiar with the rulebook.

Any questions contact:
Jim Troutman (636)485-9915
Mike McGinnity (314) 608-8386

Allied Auto Racing Association
3929 Summertime Drive
St. Charles, MO 63304