Saturday July 31, 2010
At I-55 Raceway

Dear Potential Sponsor/Contributor,

Our names are Janet Bittle and Dorothy Hoener. Together we organize one of the Largest Kids Night Special in the area. It is held at I-55 Raceway in Pevely Mo. in late July. It is one of the most anticipated events of the year and has grown to an all time high of over 1200 children, ages 3 thru 12 participating.

The children take part in a Nickel race where nickels are spread out on the straight-away’s for them to collect. Some of the nickels are specially prepared in colors and numbered. These nickels are assigned to special prizes ranging from bicycles, I-pods, remote control items, boom boxes, games, grab bags etc. We have even given away go-karts, mini bikes, mini motorcycles. You name it the Kids love it!
To accomplish this we rely on donations from businesses, race teams, drivers, & fans! In exchange for donating you will receive recognition over the PA system as a contributor to the event! We have a Great list of folks whom donate every year! To help keep up with the increase in kids participating we are currently looking for new contributors. Below is an idea list of things that we could use your help with!

Nickels usually donated in $100 increments
Cash donations to be used to purchase prizes to balance out the age groups
Bicycles w/ helmets, Tri-cycles, Big Wheels, Scooters, Battery powered vehicles
Play stations, X-boxes, games
Remote control cars, trucks, planes
I-pods, personal stereos, boom boxes
Cardinal tickets, bats, gloves etc.

If you have interest in helping us reaches our goals! Please let us know!
Thank you for your consideration!

Dorothy & Janet

Dorothy Hoener – 636-448-3477 Janet Bittle – 618 -567-4175


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